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Hearing Matters
for Outstanding Care.

Working in care settings to transform the lives of people with hearing loss through comprehensive training and development.
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Did you know that more than 80% of older people in care homes experience significant hearing loss? Achieving Outstanding CQC ratings demands a commitment to best practices in addressing hearing loss and exceeding the Accessible Information Standard.

That’s where Engage comes in. Our expert training and development will empower your care management and staff to communicate effectively with residents, ensuring they have the support and equipment needed for a fulfilling life.

Having successfully trained over 2,000 care professionals, Engage stands as the leading authority in hearing loss training and support for the care sector.
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Hearing Loss and Dementia

Both dementia and hearing loss share similar symptoms such as confusion, difficulties in communication, and social withdrawal and this can result in misdiagnosis.

Many service users of care organisations live with both hearing loss and dementia. Engage is committed to supporting staff to understand this dual diagnosis and to find person-centred ways to ensure their communication needs are met and their overall wellbeing is supported.
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Our Services

Individual Care

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One observation and audit
Deaf awareness training
Hearing loss champions training
Consultancy and support


Including in-person @ £33 per participant (per course of 15 staff).
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Organisation-Wide Project

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Three days mentoring and training
Champions training
Online support meetings
Online training for all staff


plus online training @ £15 per participant
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In-Person One-Day Training Course

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For up to 15 participants
The experience of hearing loss
Good Communication
Care plans


15 staff per session @ £60 per (for session with full attendance)
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Bespoke Work and Consultancy

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Put the best policies and procedures in place
Provide outstanding leadership for deaf awareness
Upskill and train your staff team
Strengthen multidisciplinary working with audiology and health services


for day’s work or £120 per hour
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Work With Us

We work with care teams to educate and develop skills and practices for working with and communicating with people living with hearing loss. Our training and development programmes are experiential and practical.
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Visit our
Hearing Hub

Explore the Hearing Hub’s informative articles, a valuable resource on hearing health.

Covering a wide range of topics, our articles provide insights on hearing loss prevention, hearing aid technologies, communication strategies, and more.
Engage Beis Pinchos Case Study

Beis Pinchos 

Beis Pinchos had an initial meeting with Engage that included a short audit and assessment.  They undertook six training sessions with staff (reaching 90 staff from care, housekeeping, catering and property services).  Fifteen of those staff came forward to become Hearing Loss Champions and received an advanced one-day training course at which they agreed an […]
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Engage Heathlands Village Image

Heathlands Village

Engage has been involved with Heathlands Village since October 2021.  They commissioned our package 2 which begins with observations and assessments, leading to an action plan with the management team.  This includes implementing new protocols around hearing loss, addressing environmental aspects, training staff, selecting and training Hearing Loss Champions and upskilling their activities team. A […]
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Find out how we can transform the lives of people with hearing loss through comprehensive training and development.
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